Central Alberta Frac Fluid Delivery Specialists

Fluid Experts Ltd. units are available to deliver our products to your location 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for both completion and drilling fluid requirements. We specialize in the delivery of frac fluids such as KCl or fresh water with a fleet of tankers set up for quick loading and unloading. We utilize pumping services to reduce trucking costs.

With our large subcontractor base, we are capable of handling very large volume frac jobs on a 24-hour basis. We also handle various other production fluids such as flow-back water disposal, frac oil, produced oil, glycol or methanol mixtures for pipeline or vessel testing.

With a focus on customer service, quality products and reliability, our experienced and safety-focused driving team comes highly trained in the delivery of fluid products.

Our unit capacities

Body job


Tandem truck

30m3 –  c/w tri-trailers

Tri-drive truck

34m3 –  c/w tri-axel trailer

Super B


Frac-off unit



We have Super-B Tankers that are available for subcontracting. We have professional drivers who have hauled various controlled products throughout Alberta. We also have expanded our subcontracting services to include nitrogen (N2) tankers. Our focus is on the fracing side of the oil and gas energy sector and our fleet is growing in that direction.

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