High Quality Fluids for Your Specific Application

Our inventory consists of high quality fluid products including kill fluids, frac fluids and chemicals. An industry leader in Central Alberta, you can count on Fluid Experts Ltd. for the following:

  • Competitive prices
  • Fast loading facilities
  • Commitment to quality assurance
  • Deliveries on short notice
  • Loading of third-party trucks

For your convenience, all of our products are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


We have a large inventory of 24% potassium chloride (KCL) available for your well control requirements. KCL fluid can be blended to desired weight, from 1% (1005kg/m3) to 24% (1162kg/m3), and temperature (depending on density required), from ambient to 65°C on a continuous basis. We provide quality assurance to ensure your specific gravity and temperature requirements are met. Each product is metered as it is loaded to ensure accuracy of the final solution. Fluid Experts Ltd. is known for our 24% KCL and frequently supplies this product.


Methanol is available at concentrations of 100%, either by the litre or m3. If desired, methanol can be blended to various percentages or mixtures, and heated to temperatures up to 55°C in a controlled environment. Higher concentrations of methanol will have a direct effect on the overall fluid temperature of the load.

Most common water/methanol blends are:

  • 80/20
  • 75/25
  • 70/30
  • 50/50
Fresh Water

All of the fresh water at our branches is supplied by municipal water facilities. Classified as drinking water, all of our products are blended using this water. Fresh water is readily available from ambient temperature (cold) up to 70°C. If you require water heated to 70°C – please provide a minimum 1-hour notice.

Calcium Chloride

Our calcium chloride product is available for dust control, anti-icing/de-icing or well control. We have 1320kg/m3 calcium in stock that can be blended down (If required) to your desired weight for well control needs. Heavier calcium chloride is available with a day’s notice – up to 1600kg/m3.

Calcium Bromide

Calcium bromide is available at various weights ranging from 1600kg/m3 to 2300kg/m3 with 24-hour notice. It is primarily used as a high pressure well control fluid.

Clay Stabilizer

This is used for the stabilization of clay formations. It is commonly used as a substitute for KCl in dealing with sensitive formations. Unlike KCl, this product will not add weight to the fluid used for well control or frac.

Packer Inhibitor

Packer inhibitor can be blended with either fresh water or KCL fluids and heated to desired temperatures up to 65°C depending on your well control requirements and KCL mixture. Most common blends range from 0.5% to 2%.

Scavenger / Gas Sweetener

Scavenger is used to control H2S within the well bore either through injection or as a kill fluid on sour gas wells. The amount of scavenger required is determined by the H2S content of the formation. Various types of scavengers are available.

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